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The Bible Course Manual (3rd edition)

The Bible Course manual is an essential companion which provides notes, quotes and questions for group discussions to maximise your experience of the course.

The Bible Course: Personal Edition

The Bible Course: Personal Edition gives you the skills and tools that will help you get to grips with the Bible so you can apply it to your life. This new edition gives individuals the opportunity to take their own journey in exploring the Bible.

The Bible Course DVD (3rd edition) (Subtitled)

The Bible Course films on DVD. Ideal for small and larger groups to play directly from your laptop (if it has a DVD drive) or a standard DVD player.

The Bible Course

An eight-session course helping you explore the world’s bestseller.

The Bible Course Vision Evening

Join on Zoom to hear from Dr Andrew Ollerton, author of The Bible Course, about an opportunity to equip Christians with Bible confidence.

The Bible Course: Personal Edition

Explore the BIG story at your own leisure.

The Bible Course in Prisons

An eight-session course helping prisoners explore the world's bestseller.

The Bible Course: Schools Edition

An eight-session course that explores what the Bible is, what story it tells, and how it can relate to working in a church school.

Lamentations and the gift of prayer

While God’s mercy is affirmed in the book of Lamentations 3.21–24, Dr Heath Thomas explores how the cry of 'kyrie eleison!' can become a model for the Church today.

Good News Bible – The Youth Edition

We teamed up with Youth for Christ to create a truly unique Bible. Young people helped us put this Bible together.

Q&A Andrew Ollerton

Meet the man behind The Bible Course!

What does the Bible say about the mercy of Jesus?

Dutch art, TED talks and the Gospels – they all feature in theologian Marijke Hoek's exploration of Jesus' acts of mercy and how we can respond. 

Children in the Bible

Many people think the world of the Bible is so far distant in time that it can’t really help very much with issues about the lives of today’s children. We disagree! Find out why.

Scripture Crash Course - Catholic resources

If you would appreciate some guidance before diving into the Bible, we’ve put together a short ‘crash course’ for you. In this section, you’ll find seven key points to help you get the most out of your time with Scripture.

Running Romans: What is Bible Society’s new course actually like?

Have you thought of running The Romans course at your church but you're not sure yet? Discovery Church Central in Swindon has run The Romans Course across four of its small groups and used the Sunday resources. Find out how they got on.

A Bible bonanza in the Gulf

Oppressed migrant workers are turning to Christ in the Gulf and when they go to the Bible Society shop in Oman they find Scriptures in more than 60 languages. Lydia Abraham, the Bible Society in the Gulf representative in Oman, gives us this eyewitne...

You’re shaping the future of global Bible outreach

Thousands of you have helped to fashion the future of Bible mission by taking this year’s supporter survey. Your insights are crucial to helping us become better.

The Bible Series – Small group video resource

A seven-session video series to deepen your understanding of the Bible and discover its relevance to us today. Study key biblical themes with your small group.

The all-new Children's Rainbow Bible is a 'work of love'

The Bible is God’s heart for us, made available on paper, and that’s not boring. But how can we engage children with its teachings and stories when many are thinking, ‘What does something written 2,000 years ago have to do with me?’

Bible Q&A: What’s the most accurate Bible translation?

Occasionally, Bible translators struggle to accurately translate a word, phrase or sentence. As a reader you may try reading more than one English translation, side by side, to appreciate the range of meanings a word or phrase can have.

Translation and Production

People have been translating the Bible for hundreds of years. Read how the English translation of the Bible came to be.

All the Bible verses in the Coronation

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was the largest public Scripture event in history, with millions of people around the world hearing words of Scripture said and sung. The coronation of King Charles III may well be the second largest.



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