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5 ways to get ready for autumn 2018

We might be mid-heatwave, and September church services might be the last thing on your mind! But if you're the planning-ahead kind, here are five ways you can prepare for the autumn...


If you’re excited about sharing Bible stories with school children, perhaps you’d like to be one of our storytellers?


Just think about it. With your support children in your community will get the opportunity to encounter the Bible. Will you do it?

Code of Practice

Read about the code of practice for our storytellers.

Storybooks & Handbooks

Find out about the storybooks and handbooks that cover the three-year rolling programme.

What we do in Wales

Bible Society is the main publisher of the Welsh Bible, and has also produced the Welsh Bible app, Ap Beibl. In 2014 the Beibl Cymraeg Newydd gyda Mynegair was published, and 2015 saw the publication in print of the newest Welsh Bible translation.

Bringing the Bible to life

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