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After 25 years the Wintershall Nativity grows ever more popular

The Wintershall Nativity started 25 years ago, in Surrey, on an estate of that name. For the last few days it has been performing to audiences who have come from across the country; but not only are there numerous performances at Holly Barn on the Es...

Cycling Nativity comes to Bristol

‘PUSH!’ shouted Joseph, as Wise Man Number Three burst out of Roll for the Soul café with napkins and a small bowl of water. Dabbing at Mary’s face frantically, the pair turned to the bemused onlookers and asked, ‘Is anyone a midwife?’ Thi...

Bible Bedtime 2 The Nativity

This app includes the Nativity story in three parts, and includes the arrival of the shepherds and the wise men to see baby Jesus.

The Nativity: Bible Society style for our local community in Swindon

They came for tinsel and milk. They went having heard the greatest story ever told. Shoppers at ASDA in Swindon had a surprise, today, when we staged three pop-up performances of the Nativity.

The Nativity live at the home of the BBC

A dramatisation of the nativity will be staged in the heart of London next month, thanks to the Wintershall Players outside the BBC and All Souls Church on the 19 December.

The Wise Men arrive in Swindon for the Nativity

Bible Society performed a pop-up Nativity at the Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon Monday 23 December.

Children and parents 6 out of 10 score on nativity knowledge

In poll by ICM for Bible Society to test knowledge of the Nativity story, the average score was 6 out of ten. 98% knew Jesus was born in Bethlehem

Schools and churches take a fresh look at Christmas with Nativity resources from Bible Society

A year after the success of the BBC TV drama the nativity, a Bible Society initiative, using the film, is set to get school children and church groups taking a fresh look at the story that lies at the heart of Christmas festivities.

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