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In the Middle East

We have a special place in our hearts for the Middle East. We’ve been working to bring the Bible to life there for nearly 70 years – and have no intention of leaving.

Prayer Breakfast warned over ‘alienation’ of Middle East Christians

‘The alienation of Christians’ in the Middle East cannot be allowed to continue. That was the message at the National Prayer Breakfast at Westminster Hall today of the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK, His Grace Bishop Angaelos.

Middle East prayer tree

Our teams in Jordan and Lebanon are bringing the Bible to life for refugees fleeing war in the Middle East as they offer Bible-based trauma healing to refugees as well as food and other essentials. We are also actively responding to the need for Bibl...

What is trauma healing?

When the crisis in the Middle East began, our staff immediately began meeting the physical needs of refugees, offering mattresses, food and tents. After a while, we realised that refugees had a deeper, unspoken need: they wanted someone to talk to.

Helping refugees traumatised by war

Refugees in the Middle East are finding healing and restoration through Bible-based trauma healing.

Give the Bible to refugees

Refugees from Syria are turning to the Bible. Your gift of £15 can help provide Bibles and help for refugees in the Middle East.

Transforming the lives of refugee children

Thousands of children in the Middle East are being traumatised by the devastating effects of war. With the Bible, you are able to offer them hope and healing.

The incredible impact of 40 years of support

My time as Chief Executive at Bible Society is measured in months, not years. However, even in this short time I feel privileged to be associated with such an amazing work.

Under pressure and needing Bibles

The Church in Algeria is facing pressure like never before. But more and more people are asking for Bibles.

What these amazing Iraqi women are doing with this ISIS insult

Many Christians in the west changed their social media profile pictures to the Arabic 'n' sign in solidarity with Christians persecuted by ISIS. But now these Iraqi Christians have found another use for the sign...

Bringing the Bible to life

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