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Lyfe detox day 1: Hindsight

Life has a way of flowing along, day after day merging into a stream of time. We get carried along, busy and distracted, and often take little time to stop and reflect.

Lyfe detox day 30: Eyes on the Prize

As we draw to the end of our podcasts, we invite you to remember that our story does not end with the here and now, but we are already participating in an eternal hope-filled, faith-filled, grace-filled reality. Today as we look at what God is doing,...

Lyfe detox day 4: Thankful hearts

The exercise of looking back over the last year might be painful. There will probably be things we prayed for that didn’t happen, situations that weren’t resolved, times when we had no sense of the reality of God on an emotional level at all.

Lyfe detox day 28: God’s workmanship

We are created by God and in God’s image. It is not about what we do, but about who we are that delights God and brings joy to the world.

Lyfe detox day 16: Solitude

The writer Henri Nouwen wrote that, “without solitude it is virtually impossible to live a spiritual life.” Today we’ll be thinking about taking regular time to be alone with God.

Lyfe detox day 27: Now and Not Yet

There is a version of the gospel that gets bandied about sometimes that goes something like this: we are sinners and we are separated from God. If we believe in Jesus and repent of our sins, we will go to heaven when we die. When we get there, we wil...

Lyfe detox day 6: Forgive and you are forgiven

Forgiveness lies at the very heart of the Christian faith, it is the hardest and most liberating teaching we have. As we reflect back on 2015, today we invite you consider again the freedom that comes for being forgiveness and also from forgiving oth...

Lyfe detox day 7: Peace with the past

We’ve begun the New Year by looking back, but now it is time to turn our attention to the future. Whatever we’ve done, whatever has been done to us, God can make a way forward for us.

Lyfe detox day 9: What is the state of my diet?

This week we are looking at the state of our spiritual health, and today is our chance to examine our soul’s diet.

Lyfe detox day 10: How do we pray?

Without prayer, belief in God becomes an academic exercise- religion not relationship. We can sometimes over think what it means to pray, what the content should be, what posture our bodies ought to adopt, the times and places it might occur. And th...

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