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Welcome to Lyfe

Bring the Bible to life for your small group with this free suite of resources. The lyfe resources follow three stages: read, reflect, respond.

Fit lyfe

Lyfe in partnership with Fitfish brings you ideas and strategies for healthy body and soul. You may already take steps to care for your soul, but need ideas and motivation to look after yourself physically through exercise, diet and rest. We are here...

Lyfe detox day 29: What matters – clarifying priorities

As we come towards the end of our lyfe detox podcasts, we turn our attention towards our priorities and the most important things in life. A good indicator of what’s most important to us is what we think and talk about most. Today’s reading is ab...

Lyfe detox day 31: Perseverance, character, hope

We’ve come to the last day of the Lyfe Detox. We’ve looked back over the last year, evaluated the state of our spiritual health, made plans for spiritual growth and reminded ourselves of God’s investment in us and commitment to drawing us close...

Bible Society and lyfe app

Our free app for iOS and Android provides you with our latest updates, and Daily lyfe to help you connect with God on-the-go.

Lyfe podcast: Deeper with Nathan Foster (Spring Harvest 2015)

Lyfe podcast: Deeper with Nathan Foster (Spring harvest 2015)

Real lyfe (17 July)

We have everything we need to live a life that pleases God. It was all given to us by God’s own power, when we learned that he had invited us to share in his wonderful goodness. God made great and marvellous promises, so that his nature would becom...

Fit lyfe (4 July)

Some of you say, “We can do anything we want to.” But I tell you that not everything is good for us. So I refuse to let anything have power over me. You also say, “Food is meant for our bodies, and our bodies are meant for food.” But I tell y...

Fit lyfe (5 July)

The king’s official had put a guard in charge of Daniel and his three friends. So Daniel said to the guard, “For the next ten days, let us have only vegetables and water at mealtime. When the ten days are up, compare how we look with the other yo...

Bringing the Bible to life

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