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GNB Youth Edition

Bible Society and Youth for Christ have teamed up to create a truly unique Bible. Young people like you helped us put this Bible together. We listened to your ideas and heard what really matters to you: information to help you learn and dig deeper i...

What does the Bible say about the mercy of Jesus?

Dutch art, TED talks and the Gospels – they all feature in theologian Marijke Hoek's exploration of Jesus' acts of mercy and how we can respond. 

Lamentations and the gift of prayer

While God’s mercy is affirmed in the book of Lamentations 3.21–24, Dr Heath Thomas explores how the cry of 'kyrie eleison!' can become a model for the Church today.

Bible in a year: March

Tom Newbold is attempting to read the Bible in a year. We caught up with him in month 3 to find out how it's going so far.

Read your Bible... if you want to grow

Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh uses the story of Noah's Ark, personal anecdote and thoughtful research to help us reconsider how we read the Bible with children.

Re-imagining the Church in a rapidly changing culture

Linda Rayner explores what it means to be church in a culture in flux.

#SheToo podcast series

Join us for #SheToo, a seven-part podcast series exploring some of the texts that include violence against women in the Bible. These 'texts of terror' have, at times, been used to oppress women or have just been ignored. But what happens if we tak...

Good News Bible – The Youth Edition

We teamed up with Youth for Christ to create a truly unique Bible. Young people helped us put this Bible together.

My husband and I were married for 50 years

'My husband and I were married for 50 years. I met him at a Catholic Club. He came in and I thought, ‘Isn’t he nice?’ I didn’t go for a few weeks, and then there was a play, so I went to that. I was in the front row and he came and sat next m...

The A–Z of fundraising ideas

You’d love to put the Bible in people’s hands but aren’t sure how to help? See our A-Z of inspiration and get going!

Are Harvest Festivals biblical?

Through September and October churches of most denominations have a Harvest Festival. The modern harvest festival developed over time, drawing on biblical themes and local traditions.

Ond mae gen innau feddwl hefyd!: Job 12 (Chwefror 13, 2021)

Mae Myfyrdodau Dyddiol Cymdeithas y Beibl yn dilyn cynllun darllen Beibl M'Cheyne, a ddyluniwyd ar gyfer y rhai sydd am ddarllen y Beibl cyfan mewn blwyddyn. Mae pob myfyrdod yn canolbwyntio ar un o'i bedair pennod ddyddiol.

Six reasons why community gardening is good for us

If you enjoy gardening, or are just dipping your toe into it, you’ll know the real pleasures that it can bring, writes Hazel Southam. Creating a community garden with like-minded people, can be transformational, for individuals, the neighbourhood, ...

Loving your digital neighbour

Director of Theos Think Tank, Elizabeth Oldfield, explores new media and reconciliation in an age of incivility

A Bible to fight the isolation of deaf children

Did you know that the deafness rate among children born with HIV is much higher than those without? Find out how we’re at work in Swaziland – a country with the world’s highest rate of HIV – to ensure deaf children don’t miss out on the sto...

Bible Society team gives Bibles to Calais refugees

Staff from Bible Society have given out Bibles to asylum seekers in 'the jungle' in Calais as part of the society’s response to the refugee crisis in Europe. The team gave out over 500 New Testaments, Gospels and Bibles in Amharic and Arabic.
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