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Twitter used to promote year of faith

Twitter is being used in a new project to help people explore the Catholic faith and encourage people to read the Bible. Bible Society has partnered with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales to provide @YoFtweets

Bible Society response to RE in schools survey

Ann Holt from Bible Society says teachers need clearer guidance and good classroom resources. Ann, a former government adviser and teacher, gives her reaction to a survey by Oxford University about RE teaching in schools.

How sport and Scripture joined hands this summer

As Olympic fever dies down, the union flags are packed away and a nation reflects on a golden summer, hundreds of Games athletes have headed home with Scripture in their suitcases. Thanks to Bible Society supporters, the Bible was available at Lon...

Jamaican New Testament launches October 2012

Some five million people around the world speak Jamaican Patois, many of them in the UK and it’s taken 20 years of work by the Bible Society of the West Indies to put the New Testament into the language.

Comment: on wearing crosses and carrying them

Here's my question, and it's really one of emphasis: is all this noise being made about the right to wear a cross threatening to overwhelm any signal about the call to carry one?

Blair 'does God' at Westminster Faith Debate

After years of 'not doing God', Tony Blair finally did 'do God' last night, at the last of the Westminster Faith Debates.

Bringing the Bible to life

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