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The Prime Minister calls the Bible ‘not a bad handbook’ for life

Former Prime Ministers, such as Tony Blair, tried to stay away from talking about their faith too directly whilst in office – but during a question and answer session, at a local radio station in Lancashire, David Cameron was put on the spot.

ISIS criticised in Westminster debate

At a debate in Westminster, one of Britain’s most senior former military leaders has criticised groups such as ISIS for carrying out 'beheadings and savage beatings as a rule of law'.

Queen thanks nation for prayers during her reign

In a strong statement of faith, the Queen has said that she is ‘very grateful’ to the nation for its prayers for her and that she has felt God’s ‘faithfulness’ during 64 years on the throne.

Jamaican New Testament launches October 2012

Some five million people around the world speak Jamaican Patois, many of them in the UK and it’s taken 20 years of work by the Bible Society of the West Indies to put the New Testament into the language.

8 love stories of biblical proportions

We love seeing how people respond to Scripture for the first time – so for Valentine's Day we asked Lucas Howe, a recent graduate who’d never read the Bible before, to look at some famous biblical romances and give us his first impressions of the...

Save the Whale!

Following our recent set backs in finding a venue willing to host an interactive Bible story retelling for children this summer, we're asking for your help! Could you or somebody you know rescue this beached whale? Could you be a Jonah-donor?

Eco church project launches at St Paul’s Cathedral

An official scheme has been launched for churches around England and Wales to help the church go green.

Vanessa Perdriau on winning The Pitch

Vanessa Perdriau talks about the film idea that won her first prize at The Pitch film competition. Based on the biblical story of Elijah, her story, The Widow's Last, explores a woman’s journey from hopelessness and devastation to restoration and p...

Lindisfarne Gospels return to Durham

The Lindisfarne Gospels today are back in their Durham home for three months from today.

Gomez seeks 'spiritual guidance' after split with Bieber

Justin Bieber's on-off girlfriend was spotted seeking spiritual guidance at a Bible study class in Hollywood this week.

Aid delivered to Nepal as second quake hits

A second major earthquake struck Nepal yesterday, killing dozens of people and injuring more than 1,000, though these numbers are likely to rise.

One woman’s letters that encouraged the troops

Lilian Hayman devoted her life to others: to her family, her church and most notably ‘her boys’, the young men who attended her Bible classes first in Brighton and subsequently in Bournemouth.

Bible based film is being shot in Manchester replicating 1950s America

The Pitch film director Simon Cookson has worked hard all weekend directing his short film ‘The Light’. Yesterday’s shoot in City Library Manchester worked well for a 1950s American police station whereas today the crew are filming in a priva...

Are we there yet?

Question: How did Mary travel to Bethlehem?

Carnival-goers to be given Bibles

Revellers at this year’s St Paul's Carnival next month will have the chance to take home a copy of the Jamaican New Testament.

Woman finds 'loving God' at university

Pacifism. That was what Maude Royden believed her Bible taught her to preach. The daughter of a ship-owning Conservative MP from Liverpool, Maude was 38 when the war broke out.

Jonah and the big fish?

Was it a whale that swallowed Jonah whole as he was tossed into the sea by his fellow sailors?

BBC Director urges filmmakers to ‘Enter The Pitch’

Filmmakers who have reached the final 20 of the Pitch film competition attended a talk in London led by Anna Cox, Producer and Director at the BBC.

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Budding film makers who entered The Pitch competition will hear soon if they are on their way to Hollywood. The pitches - which are all based on Bible stories - attracted four times more votes than in previous years

Exposed - global campaign highlights poverty and corruption

A coalition of Christian groups, including Bible Society, is to launch a new campaign aimed at highlighting global poverty and corruption. ‘$1 trillion goes missing each year due to corruption,’ said Dr Dion Forster at the African Biblical Leader...

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