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New Wine Cymru

We are partnering with New Wine Cymru this summer and autumn, to support their mission to the people of Wales.

Good news from Syria

In December, we asked you to pray for our team member in Aleppo, who have been faithfully serving the people of Syria despite constant danger. Thanks for your prayers! We're happy to say we have good news from Syria.

Trials, death and resurrection of Jesus brought to life in Trafalgar Square

See the Easter story performed live in Trafalgar Square by the Wintershall Players this Good Friday.

Why I love the Passion play in Trafalgar Square

Journalist Hazel Southam reflects of the experience of reporting on the dramatic depiction of Jesus' miracles, trials and death.

The surprising ambiguity of the wilderness

Thought the wilderness was just a place of desolation? Think again. Paula Gooder reflects on the ‘great and terrible’ nature of the wilderness.

Worries over lack of pastors in Chinese churches

As government advisers, clerics and academics met in Shanghai, China today for a conference on the role of Christianity in the country, a senior church leader has said that he is ‘worried’ by the lack of trained pastors to lead the growing Church.

On journeying into the wilderness and Lent

Lent can, if we let it, summon us from the safe harbours of our lives into a wide expanse of existence. Are you ready to journey into the wilderness this Lent?

The Aetherlight

A new, interactive internet game that enables children to play in a world like modern-day Narnia, has been used by thousands of families since it launched earlier this year.

Prayer request from our team in Aleppo

Our team in Aleppo are still operating despite the huge conflict in city, which is under siege.

Forum calls for international conference on South Sudan

The ABLI forum has ended with a commitment to convene an international conference including representatives of the African Union and United Nations ‘to express solidarity’ with the plight of South Sudan.

The unassuming project transforming the hopes of young people

How drama and creative arts groups in Malawi are bringing hope and confidence to the lives of teens.

Africans expect their leaders to be corrupt says top judge

A leading judge from Uganda slammed leadership across the continent today.

Prayers are said for South Sudan

As the ABLI conference in Nairobi, Kenya, came to an end today, prayers were said for South Sudan.

Responding to the refugee crisis

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes. They are seeking refuge somewhere safe – and the reassurance of Scripture.

How the Gospel of Luke changed the life of a former drug dealer

Algeria is a hostile place to be a Christian, but Christianity is growing. For former-drug dealer, Idir, life has been transformed through discovering Christ – and it all began with the Gospel of Luke…

Official opening for Mary Jones World visitor centre

A new visitor and education centre, created by Bible Society on the edge of Lake Bala in North Wales, will be officially opened on Sunday 5 October.

Trauma healing programme for refugees launches in Lebanon

People from ten countries gathered in Beirut recently for the launch of a trauma healing programme for refugees in Lebanon.

How one Syrian woman discovered hope in a refugee camp

Salma lost everything when she fled from Syria, but in a Jordanian refugee camp, she discovered something worth living for.

8 love stories of biblical proportions

We love seeing how people respond to Scripture for the first time – so for Valentine's Day we asked Lucas Howe, a recent graduate who’d never read the Bible before, to look at some famous biblical romances and give us his first impressions of the...

Bringing the Bible to life

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