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Tens of thousands of refugees in Jordan get help

Tens of thousands of refugees in Jordan are being helped to face their traumatic experiences of war, thanks to Bible Society.

Rediscovering a God who cares

When Saraa fled the war in Syria, she thought God had abandoned her family but Bible-based trauma healing care has helped her rediscover a God who cares. 

Exhibition celebrates life and work of pioneer translator

Wales has a grand history of Christianity and in October, there’s a chance to celebrate the life and work of William Salesbury.

Taking love to the least privileged

Two small boys are signing the 10 commandments, their faces animated, their hands moving fast.

Time to rethink leadership in Africa – top judge

African Christians must rise up into positions of power – and see it as a calling to serve.

Forgiving those who killed my sister

Yasmine lost her sister during the siege on Aleppo. This is her story of escape, discovery and the power to forgive.

Meet our New President

His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London, is to be our new President. His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos replaces Dr Richard Chartres, former Bishop of London, who is retiring after 6 years in the role.

Investors in People award winners

We're delighted to announce we're winners of the 2017 Investor in People ‘Excellence in the Third Sector’ award!

The rise of Christian populism

Nick Spencer highlights the need for ‘theologically informed, content-heavy, Christian belief politics’ in the face of global democratic decline and rising populism.

The orphans who know they're loved

Our Programme Adviser for Africa, Ken Dachi, has recently returned from visiting our project with orphaned children in Swaziland. Here he reflects on his trip and two brothers he met along the way.

ABLI forum aims to tackle corruption in Africa

How to tackle the widespread problem of corruption is a key theme for this year's African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) forum, in Cameroon.

Beating billion-dollar corruption

A Ugandan woman judge who has fought large-scale corruption head-on was one of the inspirational stories of this year’s ABLI – the African Biblical Leadership Initiative.

Signs and Seasons - Catholic resources

Catholics have always recognised how words, actions and symbols all speak powerfully to the soul. By fully engaging with these signs and seasons, we can easily bring the message of Scripture to life in our daily lives.

What these amazing Iraqi women are doing with this ISIS insult

Many Christians in the west changed their social media profile pictures to the Arabic 'n' sign in solidarity with Christians persecuted by ISIS. But now these Iraqi Christians have found another use for the sign...

Mission to Wales

We've been working with New Wine Cymru and The Turning to support their mission to the people of Wales. Rachel Rounds met the team on the streets of Cardiff.

China’s pastor crisis

It’s 4 am and still dark in the small town of Luhe in central China. The town is asleep, but Revd Liu Xiaofan is awake. Every day for the last 35 years, he’s risen at this time.

Why I'm training to be a pastor in China

Xie Rongbin, 28, is training to be a pastor in China, where there is currently only one trained minster to 6,700 Christians. He told us what motivates him and how to avoid writing boring sermons.

Giving up everything for the Gospel

Qingchao, 30, leaves behind her family to train as a pastor in China, where there is currently only one trained minister for every 6,700 Christians.

Q&A Dai Woolridge – Prayers, Texts and Tears

When Dai Woolridge suddenly lost his father to cancer, his response was creative. We caught up with Dai to find out about how this life changing event resulted in creating Prayers, Texts and Tears.

What is government for?

In the second part of our series, Paul Woolley asks what we should actually be expecting of our government.

Bringing the Bible to life

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