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Stand alongside those living in fear

In Swaziland, people with albinism live in fear because people want their body parts. You can bring them comfort and hope today.

The African leaders fighting corruption

Africa’s leaders can be the source of its problems, says Kenya’s deputy president. But could they also be the answer? Meet the African leaders looking to the Bible for help... 

10 reasons to take on #AdventChallenge according to last year’s participants

Last year over 13,000 people accepted the challenge to bring the Bible to life in small, practical ways each day of Advent. Here’s why they think you should join them.

'I learned that God is a healer'

Amin fled Syria with his children and grandchildren. He's received trauma healing support from Bible Society and now he says, 'God is a healer.'

Theresa May joins 170 Peers and MPs at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

Theresa May became the third Prime Minister to attend the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast at the Houses of Parliament, earlier today.

Helping refugees traumatised by war

Refugees in the Middle East are finding healing and restoration through Bible-based trauma healing.

From living on the street to studying at university

We first told you about Tesfaye in 2011. Now he’s in his third year of uni and he’s still reading the Bible.

‘The most dangerous place in Nairobi’ is now a natural haven

The Karuna Forest forest was once Nairobi's most dangerous place. But now members of Bible Society are planting trees there...

The parable of the good Samaritan speaks today

Head of Supporter Relations Alan Kember reflects on a recent visit to Mozambique – and the Psalm that gives voice to an HIV positive woman's cry.

Book launch: 'Agor Y Gair Gyda Mari' (Opening the Word with Mary)

A new book, written by women for women, was launched by Bible Society at the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny on Wednesday August 3.

Say hi this summer!

We're looking forward to getting out and about at some of England's festivals this summer. We'd love to say hello if you're there too! Here's where you'll find us...

Church growth in rural communities

Though the prevailing narrative is one of decline and closure, Rural churches can and do grow in terms of discipleship, numbers and service. Jill Hopkinson explores.

The Literacy Ladies of The Central African Republic

This International Women's Day we're celebrating the amazing women in the Central African Republic. Written off by their society and in the midst of civil war, Ken Dachi discovers how they've been empowered by Scripture in their spiritual lives – a...

A third of all Brits believe in guardian angels

Do you believe in angels? It turns out 1 in 3 people in the UK do according to a recent poll we commissioned. One in three people believe in angels and the same proportion feel they have a guardian angel watching over them.

Stand with persecuted Christians

Persecution means Iraqi Christians depend on God more than ever. You can help refugees in the Middle East with a gift today and in return receive a bookmark handmade by Iraqi Christians.

‘What joy you’ve placed in our hearts!’ say Sierra Leone mudslide survivors

Hundreds of mudslide survivors are grateful for the help brought to them so far in Sierra Leone but much more needs to be done to help people rebuild their lives, reports Raymond Jarrett.

Bringing the Bible to life

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