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How did God inspire the Bible?

The usual way that Christians understand the Bible to be a book from God is to say that he inspired it.

The Bible Series: Small Group Experience

A seven-part series through the big story of the Bible for small groups and home groups.

Bible Q&A: The Bible – an ongoing library?

Given that the Bible is, by definition, a library of books about God and his people, why does it stop at the Book of Revelation? Surely that story is a continuing one which in the present canon of Scripture already goes beyond Jesus’ time?

Full Bible translation tops 700 languages for first time

With an estimated 7,000-plus languages in the world there may be a little way to go, but the full Bible has now been translated into 700 of them. Crucially, this means around 80 per cent of the world’s population, just over 5.7 billion people, can ...

Chinese student embraces Bible school rather than a secure business career

Ning, a 23-year-old student in China, was about to opt for security through money over God’s call, but then she entered Bible school and saw the bigger picture.

The Bible and the President

A picture of the Bible has flashed all around the world. It’s on every news channel and in every newspaper. As an organisation devoted to distributing and promoting the Bible, we might be expected to be happy about that. But we’re not.

Children in the Bible

Many people think the world of the Bible is so far distant in time that it can’t really help very much with issues about the lives of today’s children. We disagree! Find out why.

Pedal power puts even more mileage into Bible mission

Bike for Bibles 2021 has been a great success, putting more mileage into Bible mission worldwide.

Bible Q&A: Does Jesus contradict the writer of Ecclesiastes?

Why are some verses in the book of Ecclesiastes so pessimistic, with advice such as ‘Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die’ included in the Bible? They seem completely contrary to the teaching of Jesus.

Ten ways to approach family Bible time

What does reading the Bible look like in your family? Do you set aside time to read it together?

Hard questions for Bible translators

Translating the Bible can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

7 top tips for reading the Bible

The Bible can seem overwhelming, boring and difficult, but a few basic tips can help you understand it more. Try these…

Thank you for standing with Bible mission teams hit hard by the pandemic this Giving Tuesday

You have made a real difference to Bible Societies which would otherwise be in danger of closure, enabling them to keep reaching people with Scripture

The Bible: just a ‘spiritual’ book?

In the wider world, the Bible – and religious faith in general – is sometimes dismissed as a ‘private’ thing, designed to feed someone's personal spiritual life but with no wider relevance.

Bringing the Bible to life in South Sudan

One man determined to bring the Bible to life in one of the world’s toughest places.

Six-fold jump in teenagers engaging with Scripture in Egypt through Bible quiz

A Bible competition is reaching six times as many teenagers in Egypt this year.

Bible Q&A: Best verses to memorise?

What are the best ten Bible verses to memorise?

Five ways to pray with the Bible

Christians believe that when they read the Bible God speaks. If you are new to Bible reading as a Christian it is important to recognise that it is slightly different to reading other books.

Will you bring the Bible to remote communities in the shadow of extremism?

People living under the threat of Boko Haram are longing to hear God’s word. You can put the Bible in their hands today.

Bible in a year: September

Tom's still reading the Bible. Hurrah. Here's what he's learning.

Bringing the Bible to life

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