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End of the world was nigh

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on 21 December. Read our reissue of the book of Revelation for the day after that!

Why one man led a service while held prisoner

Even today Walter Young’s New Testament falls open at Romans 12. Here he would have read, ‘Hate what is evil, hold onto what is good. Love one another warmly as Christian brothers and be eager to show respect for one another.

The 15-year-old who ran away to sea

Aged just 15 Edgar Ellis ran away to sea. His son, Major John Ellis (77) recalls, ‘He went down to the naval recruiting office and saw a sign saying that you had to be over 18.

Marching for 1,300 miles

Twenty-two year-old Walter Culliford joined the London Regiment (Queen Victoria’s Rifles) in 1915. As well as fighting in France, he spent time in Salonica, Egypt and Israel. In his diaries he describes his experiences in France as being ‘far fro...

Professor says pottery text reveals biblical history

A 3,000-year-old inscription, found on the remains of a jug, discovered in Jerusalem, is evidence of King Solomon's reign, according to a Jewish professor of ancient history.

Footballer Muamba: my story

Fabrice Muamba was on a 5Live special talking about his recovery from a heart attack. In the half-hour-long interview, Muamba talked to Reading striker Jason Roberts about how he's coming to terms with the situation – having suffered a heart att...

Biblical 'beats' in Obama's acceptance address

Did anyone else detect certain biblical allusions in Barack Obama's acceptance speech on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning? The President is noted (by critics as well as supporters) for his stirring rhetoric and it seems his speechwriters are aware of ...

The importance of remembrance

The British Legion say that 'remembrance transcends all boundaries' – that it can be a 'small yet important individual and collective act, a rare moment when the nation can stand together and reflect on the price of freedom'. In a 2008 Remembrance...

Gang wars are 'eye for eye'

In a BBC report on gang wars in the UK, one interviewee describes the nature of the violence as 'eye for eye'. In his case, the phrase had a literal sense: when part of a gang himself, he was attacked with a machete and lost his left eye. He expla...

Words to pray for Storm Sandy

As news continues to come through about Storm Sandy, many of us will want to pray for the situation. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find words to pray. We hope these verses from the Psalms might be helpful.

Christians called to tackle corruption

Governments, businesses and churches across the globe are being challenged to expose and tackle corruption.

Pitch Film Competition Winner

Aurora Fearnley, from Southwark, has won the Pitch Film Competition. Aurora pitched an idea for a space sci-fi film called “Pulsar” based on the book of Jonah to judges at the finals this weekend.

New review calls for improvements to RE teaching

New guidelines for RE have been published today with a call for ‘direct and effective attention to be given to the shortage of properly trained RE teachers in the classroom.’ The Religious Education Council for England and Wales. has produced th...

Film makers prepare for Pitch film competition finals this weekend

Ten film makers who’ve made it though to the finals of the Pitch Film Competition are preparing to face the judges this weekend. Each will get 20 minutes in the boardroom at the finals to convince the panel that their idea is the best.

Jamaican New Testament – catch up on the coverage

The Jamaican New Testament was launched in October and generated considerable media attention. In case you missed it, we've rounded up the various bits of coverage here.

World-class advice for Pitch film competition finalists

The finalists in the Pitch Film competition have just returned from an intensive masterclass with international film guru Laurie Hutzler. The filmmakers say they’ve been inspired to further develop their story ideas ahead of the the competition f...

Thousands pack Trafalgar Square to see dramatic performance of Christ's life and death

Some 20,000 people packed London’s Trafalgar Square on Good Friday, to see a dramatic performance of Christ’s life and death. This year Bible Society sponsored the event.

First poll of Christians across Britain finds 56% think the St Paul's protestors should be allowed to stay

As the bailiffs move in to evict Occupy London protestors, Bible Society has conducted the first poll of Christians since the protests began.

EXPOSED campaign against corruption holds week of action

A Week of Action highlighting a global fight to end corruption begins on Monday with a vigil outside St Pauls Cathedral in London. Campaigners will gather on the steps of the cathedral calling on people to join them and ‘shine a light on corruptio...

St Pauls vigil begins week long campaign against corruption

A prayer vigil has taken place on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London to highlight a global fight to end corruption. Campaigners, holding candles, torches and mobile phones, gathered as darkness fell to call for people to join them and ‘s...

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