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Two thirds of parents want schools to hold a traditional nativity

Almost two thirds (65 per cent) of parents whose school doesn't hold a traditional nativity would like it to. A further 13 per cent planned to teach their child the Christmas story at home.

Five ideas for RE in schools

At Bible Society we want to help RE teachers who are looking for ideas to use in school. Here's a reminder of our five ideas for resources for RE teachers.

Jesus feeds the 5,000 on Brighton beach

Gulls wheeled overhead and music blared from the arcades on Brighton pier as Jesus and his disciples fed the 5,000 on Brighton beach today.

Andy Toovey wins Pitch film competition

Andy Toovey from Pontypool, has won The Pitch film competition this year with his short drama film idea Only Child. 30 year old Andy pitched a film idea based on the story of David and Bathsheba to a panel of five industry judges at the finals.

Pressure mounts ahead of film competition finals

The pressure is mounting this week for the finalists in this year’s Pitch film competition. The ten contestants have already survived the first two rounds of the competition including an online public vote, but now face their biggest challenge.

The Psalms have proved to be a launch pad for award-winning poet

Drysalter, published this month, features 150 poems, the same number as the Psalms. But Symmons Roberts has then added another artistic constraint, not found in the Bible, these are 15-line poems. The book has already been shortlisted for the TS Elio...

Cycling Nativity comes to Bristol

‘PUSH!’ shouted Joseph, as Wise Man Number Three burst out of Roll for the Soul café with napkins and a small bowl of water. Dabbing at Mary’s face frantically, the pair turned to the bemused onlookers and asked, ‘Is anyone a midwife?’ Thi...

The Pitch film competition inspires top ten finalists with Lake District experience

The top10 finalists from The Pitch film competition have just returned from Lake District-based residential course hosted by the Low Wood Bay Hotel & Marina and tutored by leading acting coach Peter Nicholas.

Good Friday crowds pack Trafalgar Square for Passion play

Thousands of people packed Trafalgar Square today to see a performance of The Passion of Jesus. The Bible Society-sponsored event, performed by the Wintershall Players, was held at the base of Nelson’s Column for the fourth year.

Shaken again: how Sichuan Province struggled to recover from quake trauma

A month ago Bible Society took me to Sichuan Province in China, to visit the area that was affected by the 2008 earthquake, writes Hazel Southam.

Grief and comfort: one war memorial’s story

Of the 200 men from Ledbury, in Herefordshire, who fought in World War One, 85 did not return.

Banking industry needs to be simpler, smaller and more transparent

The banking industry needs to be simpler, smaller and more transparent. So said the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in Westminster tonight. He was speaking at a Bible Society-run debate on how the banking industry needs to be reformed.

Chaplain’s ‘place of exile’ near Gallipoli

A ‘place of exile’ and ‘awful loneliness’. That’s how Ernest Luce described his time serving as a YMCA chaplain on the Greek island of Lemnos during WW1.

G20 summit faces call for ‘fair transparent and effective tax systems’

As the summit gets underway in Brisbane this weekend, a group of leading business people have stated their strong support for ethical and transparent business practices. The 35 international entrepreneurs, academics, pastors, lawyers and tax policy r...

Banned whale beached at Weston-super-Mare

Having been banned by the Royal Parks in London for being too religious, a 50ft inflatable sperm whale finally beached today at Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

Encouragement and loss at home

Women’s lives were completely changed by the war. Suddenly 2 million women found themselves in employment for the first time. Many were widowed or found that they would now never marry.

Jamaican New Testaments given out to carnival-goers

It was a scorching hot summer's day; thousands of people packed on the closed roads of St Paul's, Bristol. Crowds formed around stalls billowing barbecue smoke into the humid air: jerk chicken, joloff chicken, vegan fried rice, other good-smelling th...

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