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Bringing the Bible to life in South Sudan

One man determined to bring the Bible to life in one of the world’s toughest places.

Testimonies flood in of how Youth Edition Bible is impacting on lives

Our Good News Bible – The Youth Edition, designed with the help of Youth for Christ and young people themselves, recently won the Christian Resources Together Bible of the Year award, which recognises the impact it is having on young people’s lives.

Flood victims in China ask for Bibles and will get them thanks to you

Thousands of flood victims in China, many of whom have lost all their possessions, will be provided with free Bibles thanks to your generosity.

Guatemalan town celebrates as Bible arrives in native tongue

‘This is my first Scripture,’ beamed Trinidad López, 39, as she held a copy of the first Bible in her language. ‘I have never owned my own Bible until today! Now, I have the full Bible in Achí of Cubulco!’

Bible Q&A: Best verses to memorise?

What are the best ten Bible verses to memorise?

Bible Q&A: What does the Bible say about tithing?

Occasionally, Bible translators struggle to accurately translate a word, phrase or sentence. As a reader you may try reading more than one English translation, side by side, to appreciate the range of meanings a word or phrase can have.

Five ways to pray with the Bible

Christians believe that when they read the Bible God speaks. If you are new to Bible reading as a Christian it is important to recognise that it is slightly different to reading other books.

Bible Q&A: Why doesn’t God stop all bad things from happening?

I suspect more people than usual will currently be asking this question. Christians naturally turn to the Bible, yet the Bible offers no seamless answer to the problem of pain. It speaks in stories and images, and tackles this thorny issue in more wa...

Part 1: Introducing the Bible

This session introduces the Bible as the world’s bestselling book, which tells our human story and is a place to encounter God.

Bible Society in Jordan given special permission to deliver supplies

Bibles and food were distributed to needy families in Jordan by a Bible Society team given special permission by the government to bypass a coronavirus lockdown in April.

Special video messages from Bible Society Leaders around the world

As we navigate these challenging times together, Bible Society leaders from around the world have come together to share special messages of encouragement , thanks and blessing with you.

Pass it on: the Bible verse that matters to me

When did the words of the Bible speak to you, profoundly and deeply? Read what others have said and download resources to help you reflect on the Bible’s influence.

Bible in a year: September

Tom's still reading the Bible. Hurrah. Here's what he's learning.

Tom's half way through Bible in a year!

Tom reaches the half way point of his Bible in a year plan. We found out how it's going and whether it's responsible for his grey hair.

Bible in a year: August

It's August. It's Tom. It's his Bible in a year update.

Famous stories in the Bible

How about reading some of the Bible's best-loved and best-known stories.

We had never done a Bible study before

We had never done a Bible study before. But we had a Bible study app, and, as soon as the schools closed, we decided to start doing a Bible study together. We read a chapter of the Bible every day and then once a week, we talk about it on Facebook Me...

Bible in a year: March

Tom Newbold is attempting to read the Bible in a year. We caught up with him in month 3 to find out how it's going so far.

The Bible Course in Prisons

An eight-session course helping prisoners explore the world's bestseller.

I’m 82 years old and I’ve joined a Bible study group

I’m 82 years old and I’ve joined a Bible study group in our village. Last year, my friend gave me a study Bible. I haven’t really read the Bible for a long, long time. I didn’t know where to start. She told me to read Exodus. I was fascinated...

Bringing the Bible to life

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