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Bible in a year: February

Tom Newbold has taken on the Bible in a year plan. We caught up with him to find out how it's going six weeks in.

Bible in a year: August

It's August. It's Tom. It's his Bible in a year update.

Tom's half way through Bible in a year!

Tom reaches the half way point of his Bible in a year plan. We found out how it's going and whether it's responsible for his grey hair.

Bible in a year: March

Tom Newbold is attempting to read the Bible in a year. We caught up with him in month 3 to find out how it's going so far.

9 top tips for reading the Bible in a year

The perks are great – daily inspiration; light bulb moments as you see how the whole thing fits together; plus the big achievement fist pump at the end. But reading the Bible all the way through can be tough.

We have 13 grandchildren

We have 13 grandchildren. The oldest is 22 and the youngest is four. When we got a boat for holidays they all wanted us to use their initials to make a name for the boat. That didn’t work. I thought it should be Proverbs 17.6, ‘Children’s child...

Bible in a year: October

Catch up with Tom's Bible escapades this month.

Bible in a year: November

As we reach December, Tom looks back on his penultimate month of Bible-reading for 2017.

Bible in a year: May

Fat kings, conquering kingdoms and comfort in the words of Jesus: it's all been going on for Tom during May.

Bible in a year: April

Tom looks back on April's reading and what stirred his heart last month.

Bringing the Bible to life

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