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Bible Sunday 2019

On 27 October 2019 we’ll be celebrating Bible Sunday and thanking God for the precious gift of his word along with many churches across the nation. To help you and your church celebrate with us, we’ve put together an inspiring pack of resources f...

Ponteland Bible Society Action Group – Bible Sunday

Ponteland Bible Society Action Group invite you to their Bible Sunday

New Bible intelligence supports Catholic Bible Sunday

A new poll by Bible Society in partnership with the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, sparks a call to make Bible reading 'part of every day'.

5 ways to get ready for autumn 2018

We might be mid-heatwave, and September church services might be the last thing on your mind! But if you're the planning-ahead kind, here are five ways you can prepare for the autumn...

Events Volunteers

Find out how you can get involved helping at conferences such as Spring Harvest, Big Church Day Out and New Wine.

Vision Refresh overview and September dates

What a tour we had around the country where we encountered rain, sleet and snow leading to a cancellation, but all absolutely worth it to meet with some of our volunteers!

Rihanna tweets the Bible

Pop diva Rihanna may have surprised some fans on Twitter by quoting from the Scriptures.

Twitter used to promote year of faith

Twitter is being used in a new project to help people explore the Catholic faith and encourage people to read the Bible. Bible Society has partnered with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales to provide @YoFtweets

Copyright and permissions

Information on using Bible text and illustrations.

Street Boys' Lives Transformed By The Bible

The Bible is being used to transform the lives of thousands of boys rescued from the streets in Ethiopia. The Lighthouse Boys Home has helped some 6,000 boys since it opened 13 years ago. Bible Society gives the home copies of the Bible as books and ...

Bringing the Bible to life

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