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Bible Book Club guide: This book appears to fall into three sections. The first contains a large number of messages describing the judgement that will fall on the people of Judah unless they change their ways.


Bible Book Club guide: The epistle of James although taking the form of a letter feels much more like a sermon.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Jeremiah recounts the life and ministry of the prophet Jeremiah.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Job famously asks why bad things happen to good people and, perhaps even more importantly, how a good person ought to respond.


Bible Book Club guide: The opening section of the book of Joel focuses on a plague of locusts that descends on the land and causes famine.


Bible Book Club guide: John’s Gospel is the most reflective and theological of all the gospels.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Judges picks up some, though not all, of the stories of the individual tribes who settled in Canaan.


Bible Book Club guide: Joshua tells the story of the entry of God’s chosen people into the promised land after they had wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.


Bible Book Club guide: Jude is a very short book, only 24 verses long, written to an early Christian community about the dangers that selfish, immoral, false leaders posed to them as a community.


Bible Book Club guide: The story of Exodus picks up the story of God’s people where Genesis leaves off.

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