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Bible Book Club guide: This is one of the bleaker prophetic books. It opens with a description of the 'day of the Lord', which is characterised as bringing destruction upon the world.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Deuteronomy is set up as a farewell sermon by Moses to the people of Israel before his death and before they begin their entry into the promised land.


Bible Book Club guide: Habakkuk consists of a conversation between Habakkuk and God about injustice in the world.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Ecclesiastes poses the question, 'How can we live a meaningful life?'


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Numbers tells the story of the time God’s people spent in the wilderness.


Bible Book Club guide: The story of Exodus picks up the story of God’s people where Genesis leaves off.

2 Samuel

Bible Book Club guide: 2 Samuel tells the story of King David and how he consolidated his power after the death of Saul. He made his capital first at Hebron and then at the ancient Jebusite city of Salem, which he renamed Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles

Bible Book Club guide: 2 Chronicles picks up the story from the end of 1 Chronicles.

Song of Songs

Bible Book Club guide: A book of poetry on the theme of human love, featuring the developing feelings of two young people.


Bible Book Club guide: The short book of Obadiah contains judgements uttered against the kingdom of Edom because of how it treated Judah and Jerusalem.


Bible Book Club guide: The opening section of the book of Joel focuses on a plague of locusts that descends on the land and causes famine.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Leviticus is a collection of laws, most of which are focused around the question of how best to worship God.


Bible Book Club guide: Genesis tells a number of stories of ‘beginning’.


Bible Book Club guide: Nahum is written to the southern kingdom of Judah after the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel, prophesying the demise of the Assyrian empire.


Bible Book Club guide: Hebrews was written to encourage a group of Christians who had stood firm through persecution but who, over time, had become discouraged and whose faith had begun to be shaky.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Job famously asks why bad things happen to good people and, perhaps even more importantly, how a good person ought to respond.


Bible Book Club guide: The book of Ezekiel contains the various visions and prophecies of the prophet Ezekiel. They were written to the people of Judah, covering the period from the first wave of exiles being taken to Babylon until after the second w...


Bible Book Club guide: The Acts of the Apostles tells the story of Jesus’ disciples from their time in Jerusalem, just after Jesus’ ascension, to Paul’s eventual arrival in Rome.


Bible Book Club guide: Micah prophesied at a similar time to the prophets Isaiah, Amos and Hosea.


Bible Book Club guide: Jude is a very short book, only 24 verses long, written to an early Christian community about the dangers that selfish, immoral, false leaders posed to them as a community.

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