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68 results for: '브로스포커{TRRTշ.COM} 브로스홀덤 블랙잭σ블랙잭21ⓑ블랙잭게임 miS'

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I’ve been a chaplain at Heathrow for seven years

I’ve volunteered as a chaplain at Heathrow for seven years. I love the mix of serving God, being with people, and, if I’m honest, being around aeroplanes! I spent 15 years in the aviation industry before going into church-related work, but I stil...

I grew up in Uganda

I grew up in Uganda. When I was about 19 or 20, I saw people like the Apostle Paul travel and there was a sense of urgency to what he did. I’m thinking, “There are 40 different tribes in Uganda, but Africa is much bigger, and oh, there are other ...

My husband and I were married for 50 years

'My husband and I were married for 50 years. I met him at a Catholic Club. He came in and I thought, ‘Isn’t he nice?’ I didn’t go for a few weeks, and then there was a play, so I went to that. I was in the front row and he came and sat next m...

Homeschool resources

These downloadable printed materials have a range of tasks to choose from, suitable for ages 5–11. You can subscribe for email alerts at the bottom of the page so you don’t miss a post.

Don’t miss the messenger: 2 Kings 7 (Day 299)

Bible Society's Daily Reflections follow the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan, designed for those who want to read the whole Bible in one year. Each reflection focuses on one of its four daily chapters.

Gair ar Waith a Gweddi ar Waith

Darllenwch ein cylchgronau sy’n llawn storïau ysbrydoledig a gwybodaeth am ein gweithgareddau diweddaraf.

Six months into my pregnancy, I found myself having the baby

‘Six months into my pregnancy, I found myself having the baby. That wasn’t in my plan. I had pre-eclampsia. My life was on the line. So was the baby’s. I was scared that I would not survive and that my child would not survive. Everybody was pra...

I was born in Seattle

I was born in Seattle, and met my husband when I was on holiday. We had a long-distance relationship for nine months and then married. My eldest daughter turned 13 a few days ago and when I was in hospital with her the day after she was born I wander...

In April 2018 God gave me Psalm 37.3–4

‘In April 2018 God gave me Psalm 37.3–4, “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I shared this with a friend who said, “How exc...

9 top tips for reading the Bible in a year

The perks are great – daily inspiration; light bulb moments as you see how the whole thing fits together; plus the big achievement fist pump at the end. But reading the Bible all the way through can be tough.

I had a challenging upbringing

‘I had a challenging upbringing. My father died when I was seven and my mother, though a believer, had a fierce temper. I did grow up with a faith of my own, but it wasn’t particularly getting deeper. Part of that was observing my mother's own li...

I have been a buyer for a major multinational for 18 years

I have been a buyer for a major multinational for 18 years. I think I have got the best job in the world, genuinely. I love the plants. I’ve always been interested in plants. For me, it’s trying to share that passion with people, that’s why I d...

Top tips for memorising Scripture

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start small or an expert wanting to take it to the next level, here are some tips to help you on your way to a lifelong habit of Bible memorisation.

How do I get the most out of reading the Bible?

How do we love God with all our mind? Well, one way is to read God’s word – to feast on what God says about himself, about us, and about everything he has created. But if we’re being honest, we’re a lot better at feasting on spiritual junk fo...

Is the word Easter in the Bible?

Easter is a time when Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. The story is so significant that it is told in all four Gospel accounts in the New Testament.

Bible Sunday 2021

Whether you are at home or in a congregation, you’ll find lots in this inspirational collection of worship material for Bible Sunday on 24 October 2021.

Mercy and rehabilitation in Britain's prison system

Crime, punishment and the dynamics of mercy – Sara Hyde explores the role mercy could and should play in rehabilitating offenders.

I’m in my second year studying maths and physics at Durham

I’m in my second year studying maths and physics at Durham. I came home at the end of the second term, and didn’t go back. We had to move pretty quickly to get me home. I’m going back in September, or early October, but my classes will mostly b...

My son Harry, who’s eight, has sensory difficulties

My son Harry, who’s eight, has sensory difficulties. He spots things that you and I would never see. His world is very tiring. When other children are running and playing, he seeks a quiet corner. For him, in lockdown, being with his baby brother,...

I work in investment banking

‘I work in investment banking. I took time off work for six months because I had a severely trapped nerve in my neck, which was diagnosed as wear and tear. The pain was so severe at times that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to work. I saw four...
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