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Bible outreach stories from Ukraine

Your free resources to share at your church.

Stories from Kyiv and Lviv

Bible workers have been nicknamed the ‘angels of Kyiv’. Download their stories in PowerPoint or PDF to share in your services or small groups.

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Watch Anantoliy prepare a delivery of Bibles

Anatoliy Raychynets is deputy leader of the Bible Society team in Ukraine. In this short video he talks you through the work he and others are doing to reach out with God’s love in a country engulfed by war. See Ukraine’s courageous Bible workers in action.

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Rostyslav explains the situation in Ukraine

The team in Ukraine are so grateful for your support. Our main contact, Rostyslav, describes the difference your prayers and donations are making. He asks you to continue to pray for everyone involved – Ukrainians, Russians, politicians, soldiers.

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See the 'angels of Kyiv' in action

Ukraine's Bible workers have been nicknamed the 'angels of Kyiv'. Watch them in action as they help people escape the fighting and gather enormous amounts of humanitarian aid for distribution. This is what your support is enabling in Ukraine today.

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Anatoliy's update after four weeks of war

The deputy leader of Bible mission in Ukraine, Anatoliy Raychynets, looks back on a month of fighting and explains how he and his team struggle on, even in the awful darkness. He wants you to keep praying for Ukraine because he's seeing your prayers answered.

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Mission workers face danger delivering Bibles

The team in Kyiv are undeterred by the danger they face. Four vans have been destroyed, but they continue to reach out with food and Scripture – including to people in the East living in bunkers as fighting focuses on that part of the country.

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People are so eager to have the Bible

War has brought many changes to the way Ukrainian Bible Society works, but they’re determined to meet every challenge. Their bookshelves now store medicine and the team travel off-road in medical convoys to bring God’s word to the most devastated places.

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