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Inspired by the Psalm 23 Garden? Find out how you can create a beautiful outdoor space in your community, church yard or school grounds. See how three communities have transformed their outdoor space for both people and wildlife.

How to create your own community garden

As we emerge from lockdown, what could be more wonderful than to come together to create a community garden? Here are our tips on how to do it. 

Community and church resources

Is there a spare bit of ground near you that could be a community garden? According to designer Sarah Eberle there are just four simple elements to create one: wildflowers, a tree, a water feature and somewhere to sit.

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How to create your own Psalm 23-inspired garden

Order of service

Mindful Reflections

Welsh guides:

Sut I Greu Eich Gardd Eich

Trefn Y Gwasanaeth

Schools’ resources 

Have fun with learning and get children outside. We have easy-to-use plans to create a Psalm 23 garden at your school, but also lots of fun activities and an assembly to help you bring the Psalm to life for children.

Download your handy guides:

How to create your own Psalm 23-inspired garden

School resources pack

Collective worship powerpoint

Welsh guides:

Adnoddau i Ysgolion

Pwynt Pwer


See how three communities have transformed their outdoor space

From no-go area to sanctuary

A peaceful, therapeutic garden has been established in an inner-city area that was once used by drug and alcohol users. The therapeutic garden at St Mary’s Lewisham is now a place for all, including those in recovery from mental health problems.

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How private land became a community garden

When St James’ Church in Finchampstead was bequeathed 10 acres of land, they decided to turn it into a garden for the whole community. It’s touched lives and helped those struggling with grief. 

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How a lockdown community garden gave a town hope

During lockdown, the first community garden inspired by the Psalm 23 Garden was created outside St Mary’s Church in Tadley, near Basingstoke. It became a symbol of hope for people across the community. 

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Mindful Reflections

Psalm 23 is full of meaning. Find out how ancient wisdom can still speak today with these bite-sized reflections. They'll take you through the psalm slowly and thoughtfully, and unpack some of the comfort and the challenge in its words. 

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Let's have a banquet

Mealtimes are more than meals. Sharing food is a way of sharing our lives. We want to encourage you to create a feast for those who've been bruised and battered by the pandemic.

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Our friends at the Woodland Trust want to make sure that everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree, so it’s giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities who want to plant on publicly-accessible land.

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