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Inspired by the Psalm 23 Garden? Find out how you can create a beautiful outdoor space in your community, church yard or school grounds. See how two churches have transformed their outdoor space for both people and wildlife.

Spring is on its way and, to help you get started on your plans for Psalm 23-inspired community gardens, a host of resources will be available from April 15.

To get your creative juices flowing you’ll find:

  • A how-to video giving a step-by-step guide to planting your own Psalm 23 garden
  • Downloadable resources to help you create your community garden
  • Stories of communities who have already created gardens for people and wildlife
  • Top tips on how to make the best of your space
  • Reflection cards for a bit of post-gardening mindfulness on Psalm 23
  • Resources for schools, including a gardening guide and an assembly
  • A service outline and sermon notes for a church service on Psalm 23.

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