Rachel’s story


‘I have always enjoyed gardening. I have been going to the church for 30 years. When the idea came up, I was keen to get involved. I’m a volunteer, but because I know a little bit about gardening, I try to answer people’s questions. I worked out the planting for the new beds. It’s lovely. It has a succession of flowering. It’s really lovely to see to that. 

‘How does it help? It’s partly that we are natural beings. To be in nature, to plant things and see them grow is where we belong, I feel. But gardening is full of hope. You plant the seeds in grim, miserable winter days and they give you food. It’s so rewarding. You are investing in the future when you plant seeds. 

‘We all benefit in the same way in that it gives us this moment of social life. It keeps you fit physically and I do see that we all of us get calmer over time. We feel at home here.’


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