Marion’s story


‘I’m not a keen gardener. I love pottering about, but I’m rubbish. I buy pretty things and they shrivel and die. But I felt that the church yard could be a sanctuary. 

‘The first aim was specifically as therapy for people recovering from poor mental health, but also for the community to enjoy. We get 1500 people walking up and down that path every day. It’s a public space.

‘People come from three mental health units. And there are people who are not in a unit, but are now at home. We get about 15 people every Tuesday, but when it’s sunny it’s more than 20. We do two hours. 

‘The local community love it. I think this garden has given people a sense of wellbeing and it has helped them knowing it’s always here. They can always come. Even in the snow and blizzards we garden. It if it really bad, we go inside and plant seeds.

‘You are closer to God’s heart in the garden than anywhere else. People can’t cope with religion, but they can cope with the spirituality of a place like this. It brings them comfort. 

 ‘I’m still aware of how bad my gardening is. I have learned things. But I don’t have time to do my garden now. It’s been a really rewarding experience and I have loved every minute of it. I get a great buzz out of it.’


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