Joy's story


'I dropped my husband off at Heathrow to catch a flight to Holland. That was the last time I saw him.  Later that evening, in his hotel room, he suffered a fatal heart attack which I only heard about the following day. I ended up in hospital because I collapsed. I had broken heart syndrome.  Gardening here at St James is very good for me.  Sometimes, especially in winter, it can be hard to get up and face a cold morning out in the gardens, but once I am up here, out in the fresh air, I suddenly feel really alive and well.  Then later, when everyone gathers for a coffee break, we swap stories, we laugh a lot, and have a great time - it’s really uplifting.This whole area is not just about us creating a lovely garden. It’s giving the community somewhere they can come and enjoy a lovely peaceful environment within the church grounds.. I believe it helps people a lot and Its been life-changing for me. I feel really happy here.’​


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