Janet’s story


‘I had a severe fracture of my ankle two years ago and it has been needing further surgery. I was at church to do a wedding rehearsal and fell down a step. One step! It was horrendous. It was awful. It was immediate pain. 

‘The ankle didn’t get set very well and it was in quite a mess. I was off work for months. For the first three months I was just stuck in a chair in my living room. It was difficult. You need a lot of patience, which I don’t normally have. 

‘I missed doing things, although I do sew a lot, so that was very good in the sense that I could pass the time. I’m quilting Psalm 23. While I was sewing it helped me gain patience in the middle of the situation I was in. it made me realise I didn’t need to fret. It’s given me tranquillity. It is a sense of being held. It’s really helped my recovery.’


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