Eunice's story


‘Psalm 23 is what I always go to in the ups and downs of my life. I always hold onto it. My son used to have a lot of trouble with the police and was in and out of trouble. It was theft, stupid things, breaking into cars. It was a worry for me. 

‘I drew comfort from Psalm 23. I would get up in the morning and continually pray it. It was saying to me that I had the Lord to hold onto. I felt that there was hope for my son because of that. Every day I would ask God to take care of everything and then I left everything in his hands. I prayed that he would turn around one day. 

‘I remember one day we went to court. The judge was angry with the police for picking on my son. He said, “Why don’t you leave him alone? Don’t do anything else like that.”

‘I seen others who were in and out of prison all the time. They had no future. Some are still the same. If my son didn’t have me, relying on God, he might be like one of those boys today. 

‘Now, he’s working in catering. He has a family – 11 children – and he’s a grandfather. It’s because of God.’


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