More Than A Book

The More Than a Book initiative has now come to close. We would like to thank everyone that has been part of this over the years, and look forward to sharing new ideas and initiatives to support your church in the coming future.

A loyalty programme that provides cash-back, no strings attached.

That’s the heart of More than a Book. Whenever you or your church need Bible resources simply check out our online shop first – and every time you order your church will get 10% of the value. Then twice a year we send your church the money. Simple, easy.

Please note, the More Than a Book programme is only available to churches with a UK postal address.

How does the programme work?

The online programme is so flexible and simple you will be amazed at how little you need to do.

1) Register your church online.*

2) At the checkout, find your church in the drop down list. When making a purchase from the Bible Society online shop your church will get 10% of the value of any orders placed on a wide range of products.**

3) A statement and cheque for the funds you’ve earned will be sent to your church twice a year (April and October).

It's money in the bank for your church plus great quality products for you, your church, friends and family.

The more purchases people make the more money your church will earn – it's as simple and flexible as that.

No Commitment

You are not tied into the programme. There is no obligation to purchase regularly and you are free to order as and when you like.

The more purchases you make the more money your church will earn - it’s as simple and flexible as that.

* A valid postal address is required – please provide a suitable alternative address if the postcode is not known.
** 10% excludes post/packing element and only applies to orders entered online to a registered church.

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