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The Poverty and Justice Bible

'This Bible highlights two of the key themes in Scripture. I commend it to you.' – Mike Pilavachi (Soul Survivor)

The Bible that reveals God's passion

Almost every page of the Bible speaks of God's heart for the poor. His concern for the marginalised. His compassion for the oppressed. His call for justice.

The Poverty and Justice Bible megaphones his voice as never before.

Using the clear Contemporary English Version (CEV) text, it highlights more than 2,000 verses that spell out God's attitude to poverty and justice.

Unique study section

The highlighted Bible text is wrapped around a unique 32-page study guide, written by best-selling authors Nick and Claire Page.

Each of 50 in-depth studies is based on Scripture. All drive us to take practical and passionate action in the battle against poverty and injustice.

There's a wide range of topics for you to get stuck into – from:

  • equality to education

  • farming to fair trade

  • wages to water

Taking the issues further

The studies highlight how concern for the poor and the oppressed form part of the DNA of our faith. Use them to explore by yourself, to discuss with others, to spark a deeper level of understanding of God's heart for the poor.

From giving, to praying, to living responsibly, get a taste of what's at the core in these free additional studies.

The inspiration behind it

It was US pastor and writer Rick Warren who laid the foundations for The Poverty and Justice Bible.

He'd discovered that there were 2,000 verses on poverty - and couldn't believe he'd never noticed before.

Bono's view

U2 frontman Bono, in his talk to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC in November 2006, pointed out that the only time Christ is judgmental is on the subject of the poor.

He also referred to the 2,000+ mentions of poverty in the Bible, saying ‚'that's a lot of airtime!'

How the work was done

It took a team of Bible Society researchers poring over the CEV to identify every verse that's specific about God's take on social injustice.

These range from Old Testament prophecies to Jesus' radical teachings. Just about every page has some emphasis on justice and fairness.

It's on the global agenda for politicians, activists and opinion formers. But fighting poverty and tackling injustice is no new concept for the 21st century.

This Bible is proof that, on issues of social justice, God has plenty to say.

When it comes to poverty and justice, God got there first.

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