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Chinese Bible Revised Edition (Hardback)

A Chinese Bible in traditional Chinese characters. A revision of an earlier text using modern formatting and grammar. Published by Hong Kong Bible Society.


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ISBN: 9789622933552

Author: Hong Kong Bible Society

Format: Hardcover

A Bible in Traditional Chinese characters printed by the Hong Kong Bible Society. This bible is a revision of the book “Revision of the CUV,” which has been used by many pastors and pastoral workmen and Bible scholars for years. It uses a modern universal translation, straight typesetting and modern punctuation and contains scripture notes to help readers understand the Bible.



  • Revised version of original text
  • Keeps the original style
  • Uses modern universal translation
  • Straight typesetting and use of modern punctuation
  • Scripture notes help to understand the Bible
  • Clear layout, beautiful and easy to read
  • Book introductions and summaries
  • About the author
  • Name/place name comparison table
  • Citation index
  • A beautifully coloured map
  • Historical time summary


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