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The Barnabas Family Bible

110 Bible stories for families to share as an interactive family Bible and prayer time.

The Barnabas Family Bible
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ISBN: 9781841017136

Author: Martyn Payne, Jane Butcher

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 14

Format: Paperback

Published date: 19 September 2014

The Barnabas Family Bible is written for parents, grandparents and carers to share with their children through an interactive family Bible and prayer time. It spans the whole Bible narrative through 110 key extracts, with each section providing a brief comment on the passage, questions to discuss, a visual aid to encourage engagement with the story, an activity idea, a prayer idea, a key verse and an Old or New Testament story link.

Also included:

•    Guidance and support for sharing faith as a family
•    A family-friendly overview of the Bible story
•    A selection of best-loved Bible passages
•    Further resources to support families and family Bible study

About the authors:

Martyn Payne is a gifted storyteller whose previous books The Big Story (2011) and Creative Ways to Tell a Bible Story (2012) demonstrate the variety of approaches he uses to bring the Bible alive for children and adults alike.

Jane Butcher loves spending time sharing Bible stories with her daughter, and particularly enjoys discovering interactive ways to explore the story. Both Martyn and Jane are members of the BRF staff team. Martyn works with Messy Churches and Jane with the Barnabas Children’s Ministry team in churches, schools and homes.

Key features:

•    Clear and concise with a range of ideas for interaction.
•    Making Bible reading and prayer a family activity.
•    Stories are accompanied by comments, prayer ideas, activity ideas, suggested question topics.
•    Providing discussion opportunities for families and children to fully engage with Scripture.
•    A door into Scripture for further learning.


Currently out of stock

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