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Messy lyfe - Living Life with Jesus

Messy lyfe brings the fun and creativity of the popular Messy Church activities into a six session lyfe guide for families.

Messy lyfe - Living Life with Jesus
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ISBN: 9780857463821

Author: Lucy Moore, Rob Hare

Pages: 48

Dimensions: 210 x 148

Format: Hardback

Published date: 30 October 2014

Discover a new adventure with Jesus as we learn how to pray, read the Bible, love the world we live in and ask him to be closer to us.

Messy lyfe is a beginner's guide for families who want to learn how to live closer to Jesus every day using a family-friendly approach, drawing all ages into a closer understanding of God's love.

Through activities, thoughts to reflect upon and short suggested Bible readings, the whole family is given something to think about, be thankful for, to consider in their own lives. By stripping faith down to the essentials for everyday lives, each member of the family can allow Jesus to be there with them throughout the day.

Thought provokers and suggested comments will help even the youngest feel that faith makes a difference to ordinary lives. Space to scribble or jot down thoughts gives the material a living feel that brings it into everyday focus. Six weeks of material is provided to launch your family into a new relationship with Jesus.

Messy lyfe has been written by Messy Church founder Lucy Moore, and Rob Hare (Bible Society)

What is lyfe?

Lyfe is a small group experience which takes people deeper into the BibleLyfe groups meet in pubs, coffee shops and cafés to spend time reading and reflecting on Scripture, and then selecting a relevant ’challenge’ to experience throughout the week.

This booklet is sold as a small group resource that accompanies our free lyfe resources.


Currently out of stock

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