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NRSV Catholic Edition Bible

Now with a more scratch-resistant cover, this Catholic Holy Bible uses the NRSV Bible translation. This NRSV edition carries the imprimatur of the Catholic Church and includes the Deuterocanonical Books in Septuagint order. Uses British text (Anglicised).

NRSV Catholic Edition Bible
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ISBN: 9780564080175

Dimensions: 210 x 144 x 35 mm

Format: Hardback

Published date: 07 March 2019

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This Catholic Bible includes the Deuterocanonical books in Septuagint order and carries the imprimatur of the Catholic Church, and has many extra features to help readers in their devotionals, including Dei Verbum, Catholic Prayers and Lectionary material. 

The extra devotional features in this Bible make it a fantastic tool for those wanting to read the Bible, and the hardback format also makes it ideal as a family Bible.

The NRSV Holy Bible uses enduring words and expressions in the tradition of the King James Version, with special sensitivity to gender inclusiveness, without any loss of clarity.


  • Modern and dignified New Revised Standard Version translation
  • British text (Anglicised)
  • State of the art concordance
  • Tables of Readings
  • Measures and weights in the Bible
  • Includes Dei Verbum, Catholic prayers and Lectionary material
  • Two column page layout with footnotes
  • Written in 21st century language, with thoroughly updated words, phrases and grammar, whilst preserving the meaning of the text
  • Benefits from recent advances in scholarship
  • Ideal for public or private reading, congregational worship, group study and academic work
  • Navy blue, hardback Bible.

£9.50 Was £10.99

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Plenty in stock