Holy Spirit

This Refocus book focuses on exploring the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible and in our lives.

Holy Spirit
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ISBN: 9780564047178

Series: Refocus

Author: David Spriggs, Lisa Cherrett

Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 10

Format: paperback

Our newest addition to the ‘Refocus’ series, The Holy Spirit, is a study guide that explores the significance of Pentecost, who the Holy Spirit is and how we can see his work in the Bible. The guide explores readings from the book of Acts, the Gospels, Paul’s writing and even the Old Testament, bringing together viewpoints on God’s Spirit from across the biblical text.

Ideal for small group study, each session includes:

  • Foreword: introductory information
  • Overview: summary of the theme
  • Consider: an interesting or puzzling aspect
  • Understand: main Bible passages to study
  • Summary: gathering the study together
  • Refocus: actions to take forward

Through discussion questions, group members are encouraged to talk about how we can picture, relate to and experience the Holy Spirit.

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