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Sources of Wisdom (Edexcel)

‘Sources of Wisdom’ is a new range of resources which supports the increased focus on sacred texts in the new GCSE specifications by exploring how the Bible is a ‘source of wisdom and authority’ for Christians, and how it influences Christian beliefs, teaching and practices.

Sources of Wisdom (Edexcel)
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ISBN: 9780564046072

Pages: 60

Dimensions: A4

Format: Paperback

Produced for Bible Society by RE Today Services.

Key features

  • helps students to unlock the meaning of the passages by providing definitions and contextual information
  • uses varied tasks to get the students thinking about how the Bible connects to Christian beliefs and practices.

The 24 topics featured include...

  • An Overview of the Bible - why is the Bible a ‘source of wisdom’?
  • Do all Christians believe the same things about the creation of the world?
  • The Fall of Mankind - What went wrong?
  • The story of Job
  • Christians believe that Jesus was ‘the Word’ – what does that mean?
  • Why is the Resurrection a key belief in Christianity?
  • Christians believe that Jesus saved them - but how?
  • Pentecost - what do Christians believe about the Holy Spirit?
  • The sheep and the goats - What do Christians believe about eschatology?
  • ‘Carry your cross’ – what does that mean for Christians today?

You can download these resources and find out more about our education resources here.


Currently out of stock