The Walk DVD

The story of William Wilberforce and the walk that shaped a life, moved a nation, and saved millions from slavery. FREE resources also available for use with the DVD. Ideal for schools and church groups.

The Walk DVD

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ISBN: 9780564038664

ISBN 10: 0564038660

Dimensions: 135 x 190 x 12 mm

Format: DVD

Weight: 100

Published date: 16 March 2007

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A film by acclaimed playwright and screen writer Murray Watts and co-produced by BAFTA-winning director Norman Stone, passionately and movingly performed by one actor, Andrew Harrison. Originally performed on stage to universal praise before MP's in Westminster and audiences across the UK

This is the story of a life committed to humanity. Wilberforce's political career becomes a campaign, his conscience a force for change.

The Walk begins with a simple journey by Parliament's rising star to a meeting that changes the course of his life. It continues as a marathon walk to overcome the self-interest of Parliament and country. And becomes an unstoppable movement that released millions from their chains.


  • The Making of The Walk documentary-14 minutes.
  • The Long Walk timeline of the struggle to end the Transatlantic slave trade.
  • English subtitles option

Free downloadable resources

School Resource: FREE downloadable resources for GCSE and A/AS level RE, History and Media Studies. Download

  • These classroom activities contain: A teacher's overview; Recommended reading; Ideas for discussion and projects and useful websites.
  • It is suitable for teachers and:
    • supports GCSE teaching in the classroom
    • contains recommended reading, ideas for discussion and projects and details of useful websites
    • includes teacher's overview.

Church Resource: FREE PDF of The Unchaining Word small group study guide on the Bible and slavery. Download

  • This free discussion booklet was specially designed to help churches prepare for the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.
  • It mixes history, creative discussion materials, biblical perspectives and information about modern-day slavery and shows how the Bible inspired the abolitionists and was misused by slavery supporters.
  • Suitable for churches and adults.
  • Can be used by your church to prepare for discussion about slavery.

Length: Approx 30 minutes.

Format: PAL (not available in NTSC)

Language: English.

Region: Multi-region except 1 (USA & Canada) not in NTSC format.

Classification: PG

£2.50Was £9.99

Currently out of stock

Please note: No offers, promotions or discounts can be applied to this product

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