Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment (Jamaican Diglot New Testament with KJV)

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    07 November 2012


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Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment (Jamaican Diglot New Testament with KJV)
Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testiment (Jamaican Diglot New Testament with KJV)

Buy one, give one!

When you buy a Jamaican New Testament, you may wish to consider making a matching donation of £12.99 at the checkout to support distribution of the Jamaican New Testament in the West Indies.

All donations received with Jamaican New Testament orders will go towards supporting Bible Society of the West Indies.

The Jamaican New Testament has now been launched and is available as a diglot, with the Jamaican NT in one column and the King James Version – the most widely used Bible translation in Jamaica – in the other.

Also included in the front of the New Testament is a guide to reading and writing Jamaican to help readers read through the New Testament.

The translation is the biggest body of work ever produced in the language spoken by five million Jamaicans around the world.

Jamaican is also known as Patois, or Patwa.


  • First publication of the Jamaican translation
  • No other printed edition of this translation available
  • Diglot edition, with Jamaican text set alongside the King James Version for reference
  • Faithfully translated from the original Greek manuscripts
  • Includes a guide on how to read and write Jamaican.

Listen and download the Jamaican New Testament

Listen to the Scriptures like you’ve never heard them before or download for free – the New Testament in Jamaican, the street language of millions of people across the world.

Sample the recording below, and download the files from Soundcloud for free.


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