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Good News Bible (GNB) Popular Rainbow Hardback Bible

The new edition Rainbow Good News Bible (GNB) is perfect for study or worship and contains some great new features to help primary aged children find their way around the Bible. Bulk discount available.

Good News Bible (GNB) Popular Rainbow Hardback Bible
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ISBN: 9780007480111

Pages: 1304

Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 35 mm

Format: Hardback

Published date: 13 March 2014

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Good news is meant to be shared...

Accessible and engaging, the new Rainbow Good News Bible is ideal for primary school aged children.

It’s perfect for study or worship and contains some great new features to help find your way around the Bible and absorb it in all its richness.

As well as colour pictures of well-known stories, this exciting new edition now comes with new summaries of what each book of the Bible is about, specially written by Nick Page, and new information about the Bible to help young people find their way into it, including:

  • Tips on how to read the Bible
  • 20 must-read passages
  • A guide to the Christian Year
  • The Life of Jesus
  • Information on the origins of the Bible
  • Where to find help references.

The Bible also features even more of the classic Annie Vallotton illustrations – including some not seen before in UK editions.

There are also helps to navigate around the Bible including:

  • Book numbers – each book is numbered in order of the books of the Bible, e.g. Genesis (1); Revelation (66)
  • A reminder of the name of the book is on each page
  • A new side-bar navigation, listing the preceding or following books on the edges of each page
  • A more contemporary typeface to make it easier to read.

What people are saying

This is a great Bible for children. From a reading level of around 7 years, with guidance, this can be a valuable resource up until the teenage years. The language is easy to read without losing the meaning. Highly recommended and great value.

Great Bible, easy to read, was bought for my 8-year  old and he reads it very well in the fellowship group.

I have bought this for my daughter for her first communion - it has a few small pictures. She is an avid reader and has exhausted her first children's bible.  But some 7 - 8 year olds may find it difficult. It would definitely be ok for 10 -14 year olds. It is detailed and exactly what I was looking for.


Currently out of stock

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