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The Bible Course: Personal Edition

The Bible Course: Personal Edition gives you the skills and tools that will help you get to grips with the Bible so you can apply it to your life. This new edition gives individuals the opportunity to take their own journey in exploring the Bible.


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Making Good Sense of the Bible Together (Digital Edition)

Making Good Sense of the Bible Together is a six-session introduction to biblical interpretation and has now been adapted into a printer-friendly digital format suitable for any online small group.


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The Bible Course for groups online

In response to recent restrictions, we set about developing an exciting new way for small groups to experience The Bible Course, online.


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Community Bible Experience, NIV

This kit has everything you need to launch The Community Bible Experience in your church!


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NIV Journalling Bible in One Year

Journal through the Bible in one year with this New International Version.


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NIV Ruby Journalling Bible

A beautiful journalling Bible in the New International Version.


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NIV Life Application Study Bible

A study Bible using the New International Version text.


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Kurdish Sorani Bible

The Kurdish Sorani Standard Bible (KSS) is the first Sorani Kurdish translation of the Bible.


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French/English Bilingual Bible (Semeur, NIV)

French and English NIV Bible in paperback using New International Version and Semeur.


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NIV Classic Bible (flower print)

A classic NIV Bible with a flower print.


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