Bible Nostalgic

'I like the idea that it's still there, but can it be made relevant to the next generation?'

People like me might feel the Bible contains human interpretation and/or divine inspiration. We don't actually know it very well, but we feel the moral grounding it supplies is extremely valuable; it's a useful guide to right and wrong and children should be learning Bible stories in schools. We were brought up with it and we think it's a good thing, though we hardly ever read it and we wouldn't turn to it in a crisis. But it's good for society and good for modern Britain. It's important to know about it because it's shaped our culture. 

Most of us believe in God, but faith is something that comes and goes. We don't really like to talk about it. We believe the Church is there to provide moral guidance, preserve the faith in troubling times and serve the poor. We don't like the feeling that the Church is under threat. 

We’re split on whether the world's issues are our problem, or if we have any power to fix them. We really want our children and grandchildren to be OK.  

We’re eight per cent of the population, mostly older. We're happy with our lives and find them meaningful.