Bible Infrequent

'I want to make it a bigger part of my life, but I'm not sure how to make sense of it.'

I'm a committed Christian and I go to church, though not as often as Bible Loving Christians. For people like me, our personal relationship with God is more important than attending church. We don't read the Bible as much as we think we ought to, and when we do it's sometimes a chore rather than a pleasure. 

However, we do believe it has the potential to answer some deep questions and we think that reading it brings us closer to God. Most of us are interested in discovering more about the Bible. We think it would bring us closer to God and give us the confidence to speak to people about beliefs we hold very dear. 

Our faith is important to us. Over half of us feel that life is meaningful and that we're happy.

We feel we should try to make a positive difference in the world but sometimes doubt our power to change things. The Church's role is to serve the poor and marginalised. 

Family is important to us, as well as community. Helping others is a huge part of who we are and inextricably linked to Christian values.

We’re eight per cent of the population, older and middle income. We feel a Christian society is a good society as the morals it teaches are universal.