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It's the Bible – but not as we know it

Richard and Judy have their book club; BBC Radio 2 has its own book club – and now it’s the turn of Bible Society to launch our own: Bible Book Club.

We’re asking a group of people to choose a book of the Bible – any book they want to -- and read it as they would a book chosen by a book club; then to get together and chat about it informally.

For each book of the Bible there is a guide, written by Dr Paula Gooder, Bible Society’s Theologian-in-Residence, to help people probe and question the text. It tells you things who the author might have been, what context the book was written in and why it was written. It also suggests questions you might like to ask as you read and, of course, what you might like to talk about when you get back together.  The idea is that people will really think about what they’re reading and be honest about what they found interesting, difficult or just hard work.  

Bible Society’s research tells us that whilst many people have read the Bible from cover-to-cover, there are also those who find that prospect daunting and stick with the books they know and those which are often easier to read and to understand.

At Bible Society, we believe the whole Bible is worth a read (including Leviticus); so that’s why we are launching this new approach. 

Talking about the Bible Book Club, Dr Paula Gooder, said: 

‘The Bible is full of books, but often we only read small sections of them, and there are some books many of us never go near,’ she says. ‘I want Bible Book Club to remind people that the Bible is theirs to own, read, question and discuss – and if that’s over a favourite drink with a group of friends, then all the better!’

You can download your guides for free at

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Note to Editors

Download the Bible Book Club video here: 

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