‘What joy you’ve placed in our hearts!’ say Sierra Leone mudslide survivors

Your gifts have helped us reach hundreds of mudslide survivors in Sierra Leone with humanitarian aid and Bibles. Thank you!

Our team in Sierra Leone have been helping hundreds of people sheltering in Juba Barracks to the west of the capital city, Freetown. They lost everything when they were engulfed by the mudslide on August 14, which left 500 people dead.

When we appealed for urgent help for the survivors, our supporters responded incredibly generously, raising an amazing £14,000 to support the relief effort.

Thank you for giving £14,000 to help mudslide survivors in Sierra Leone

So far our team on the ground have distributed 150 Bibles to families, 2,500kg of rice, 200 gallons of red cooking oil, 50 foam mattresses, water, school supplies for children and other non-food items.

The greatest gifts

Our team particularly wanted to help pregnant women and nursing mothers, so it provided each of them with a bucket filled with essential items and a Bible. Some of the women told staff that the Bibles were the greatest of the gifts they had received.

One survivor, Mrs Adama Conteh, told us:

'We are so grateful for what you have done for us. You may not know what joy you’ve placed in our hearts, especially because you’ve thought about our children’s needs. You are the only organisation that has brought school materials for our children, which shows you are thinking about their future.'

Her husband, Mr Alimamy Conteh was also delighted that the family received a Bible.

'We were wondering how we would get our Bible back. Today you’ve not only provided us with a Bible but also food and other help. May God bless you and the work you do.'

Please pray for the ongoing work distributing Bibles and humanitarian help to hundreds more people who have been affected by the disaster.

Distributing Bibles and providing humanitarian aid is made possible because of support from people like you. Find out how you can give a further gift to help those affected.

Pray for Sierra Leone

Pray for Sierra Leone

Join us in prayer for the continuing work distributing Bibles and rebuilding lives in Sierra Leone.

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