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What happens when a migrant worker receives the Bible?

Author: James Howard-Smith, 13 June 2024

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God is at work in the Gulf, where your donations put the Bible in the hands of hard-pressed migrant workers. These are the people who build the skyscrapers in cities like Dubai and work in the homes of the super-rich. They live in appalling conditions, but your support is introducing them to Jesus.

Abebe’s story

‘I had no hope,’ said Abebe, from Ethiopia. ‘But God has now given me hope. Imagine my shock when I opened my new Bible to this verse: “But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions – it is by grace you have been saved”’ (Ephesians 2.4–5, NIV).

Abebe lives in Bahrain, where the official language is Arabic and English is widely spoken, but she speaks Amharic, an Ethiopian language. Bible Society shares God’s word in all kinds of languages to serve the remarkably multicultural community of migrant workers in the Gulf countries. Through your support, Abebe received a Bible in her own language, which made all the difference as she engaged with its message.

Navin’s story

Navin is from Andhra Pradesh in India, and speaks that state’s main language of Telugu. ‘I work in a company that deals with waste collection, street sweeping and septic tank emptying,’ he said. ‘The work is hard, the pay is low and the hours long. 

‘A couple of months back a Christian brother visited our accommodation and gave me a Bible. Now, I have memorised some verses from the Telugu Bible I received. I am so happy to be reading the word of God in my own language.’

Ram’s story

It’s amazing to see the Bible speak to people in otherwise desperate circumstances, regardless of their background. Ram comes from India and had no experience of Christianity. ‘I work as a sweeper. A friend of mine had an audio device, so as I work alone I asked if could listen while working. And when I listened, I felt Jesus was with me.

‘I requested a Telugu Bible. When I finish work and return to camp, I like to read the same passages I’ve been listening to. I have now started attending church so I can understand what Jesus is saying. Please pray for me.’

As you remember Ram and the others in your prayers, you can bring this same awesome experience of Scripture to another migrant worker. Already this year, supporters of Bible mission here in England and Wales have put the Bible in the hands of thousands of the Gulf’s migrants. Will you share God’s word with one more struggling migrant worker today?

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