Bible translator Carlos Rene Pop in his new ‘office’ atop a mountain in Guatemala.

Translators brave Covid, hurricanes and landslides in Guatemala

Imagine having to climb to the top of a mountain for a strong enough internet signal to do your work.

That’s what the team working on the Revised Q’eqchi’ Bible in Guatemala has had to do in order to work with the Global Translation Advisor who is checking their translation – a task usually done in person.

‘We’ve faced many challenges as a team, including having to work with the consultant in a virtual way,’ said translator Dario Bá Xuc.

A pair of hurricanes hit the area where the translators are based in 2020. It caused internet connection problems at a time when the team needed it most, with the pandemic pushing everything online. The second of the hurricanes was the worst, causing landslides that killed around 150 people and left many more homeless.

‘We thank God that the translators are safe and have not lost their belongings and that, despite the adversities of the weather and the pandemic, the translation continues,’ said translation coordinator Mario Xuruc.

The Maya people who speak Q’eqchi’ number 1.4 million and they are proud of their cultural heritage despite also speaking Spanish. The new translation, supported by the generosity of Bible Society supporters, was requested by their churches. It will strengthen the Christian identity of the community.

In the last quarter of 2020, thanks to the kind giving of people such as yourself, Bible Society initially published Galatians in Q’eqchi’ and thousands of copies were distributed.

‘This has been a difficult year, but the translation team is more committed than ever to finishing the translation so that God’s word can bring hope and encouragement,’ said Mario.

With your continued support that day will surely come.

This is a version of a story that first appeared in our Bible a Month prayer letter. You can support the ongoing work of translators like Mario, Carlos and Dario by joining Bible a Month with a regular gift of £10 or more.

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