Top 12 moments of 2018

1) Launching a brand new edition of The Bible Course!

We launched the third edition of popular series, The Bible Course. Unpacking the big picture of the Bible this 8-session course features the same popular content with a brand new look.


2) Celebrating International Women's Day

We shared the inspiring story of The Literacy Ladies of the Central African Republic, who, in the midst of civil war and written off by their society, have been empowered by Scripture in their spiritual lives – and beyond. Read the story.

3) Partnering with Searchlight Theatre 

It was a pleasure to race through the first 90 chapters of the Bible with dramatic double act, Searchlight Theatre. You were brilliant audiences, up and down the country. (Get in first to host the show in your church next year).

4) Working with over 16,000 Open The Book storytellers

With now over 16,000 volunteers, we're telling Bible stories into more and more schools across England and Wales. We  can't wait to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Open the Book in 2019!

5) Seeing your Minecraft Bible stories 

This summer we launched our very first Bible story Minecraft competition, inviting you to depict any Bible story in the blocky world of Minecraft. See the winning entries


6) Taking The Bible Course on tour

We stuffed The Bible Course creator Andrew Ollerton, comedian Paul Kerensa and a band of musicians into an orange campervan to unveil the big picture of the Bible with humour and song to churches around the country. We're pleased to say we'll be back in 2019!

7) Meeting you at summer festivals 

It was great to meet so many of our supporters — and welcome new ones on board — at conferences and festivals this year. We couldn’t do this without our fantastic band of volunteers who come to join us!

8) Launching the Good News Bible – Youth Edition 

One of the most exciting new products we've launched in years, we partnered with Youth for Christ to create a unique and interactive youth Bible in the popular Good News translation. Buy a copy today!

9) Kingdom Build 

We spent 24 hours in a church with Christian techies and a mission to find ways digital tools can help increase appetite for, and engagement with, the Bible. We loved the creativity, challenges and ideas that came from the weekend. Thanks for having us, Kingdom Code!  


10) Seeing the incredible generosity of our supporters

Raising over £12m in 2018, you've helped put the Bible into the hands of people around the world including in China, the Middle East and Africa — as well as here at home. Thank you!

11) Celebrating the centenary of the end of World War One

We celebrated the end of World War One — and the impact of the Bible on servicemen and their loved ones — by remembering the promises of Revelation 21, as told by people from all walks of life.

12) Cheering on #AdventChallengers 

Once again we rejoice at the fantastic impact you’ve had as you’ve taken on the challenge to bless those around you throughout Advent. You’re amazing!


What else we're up to

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