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To the Moon and Back - 'Lunar Bible' finds a new home

One of the rarest ‘books’ on earth, the so-called ‘Lunar Bible’ has sold at auction in Dallas, Texas, for $75,000. The microfilm Bible flew round the moon once with Apollo 13. It also made it on to the moon’s surface with Apollo 14. It measures 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch and can be read with a microscope.

The Bible is one of 12 complete copies remaining from a larger collection of 100 Bibles which made it to the moon's surface with astronaut Edgar Mitchell in 1971.

"This tiny microform contains the complete Bible, all 1,245 pages of the King James Bible, both Old and New Testaments," said Michael Riley, senior historian for Heritage Auctions.

Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell carried 512 of the stamp-sized Bibles on the 1970 mission that was supposed to land on the moon but the fated mission was aborted after an oxygen tank explosion in flight severely damaged the spacecraft.

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