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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Christians are being encouraged to take a fresh look at corruption and justice throughout Lent.

As part of the EXPOSED campaign, Bible Society Theologian in Residence, Dr Paula Gooder has written a new pamphlet for Lent which challenges Christians to look at their own views on corruption in relation to the Bible. Thirty Pieces of Silver, contains biblical reflections on corruption, bribery, transparency and justice.  

EXPOSED, a coalition of Christian organisations, aims to challenge the global Church, business and governments. Every year well over US$1 TRILLION goes missing through mismanagement, illicit business practices and poor governance.

The pamphlet looks at the issue of corruption and bribery through a number of biblical examples, including: Adam and Eve's self-interest; Samuel’s outspoken attack on kingship; the principle of Jubilee; John the Baptist and Zacchaeus; and culminating in Jesus’ own betrayal by Judas with the bribe of thirty pieces of silver.

It calls for Christians to look at their own lives and that of their church along with organisations such as: local councils; national governments; and larger global institutions such as the European Union and the United Nations.

Questions for reflection include:

  • What might living with a complete lack of self-interest look like for you today?
  • Can you think of situations where justice and impartiality have been abandoned – for example globally, nationally, in your workplace, your relationships or your church?
  • Undertaking an audit on your personal finances and use of money – what do you spend it on and where do you spend it?

The booklet concludes by asking Christians to take practical actions, during Lent, such as signing the Exposed call signup.exposed2013.com and even challenges church leaders to evaluate the transparency and prioritisation of their Church Financial Accounts.

Matthew Van Duyvenbode, Head of Campaigns, Advocacy and Media at Bible Society said: ‘Tracing the themes of corruption, bribery, transparency and integrity through the biblical narrative offers us a rich re-reading of Jesus' kingship. Working on the team which producedThirty Pieces of Silver, has personally challenged me to engage afresh with the issues represented by the EXPOSED Campaign’.

EXPOSED International Coordinator, Joel Edwards said:

‘As Lent begins, our EXPOSED Campaign gives us a new lens through which to look at Easter. Sadly, corruption is not something the Church is immune from, and yet we say so little about it. That's why, together with our Bible Society partners across the world, we're launching Thirty Pieces of Silver. It offers a new lens to see that today's struggles with bribery, corruption and injustice were already at the heart of those events 2000 years ago.’ 

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