Before the pandemic, Bible Society distributed more than 1.1 million children’s Scriptures in Egypt in just 12 months.

The true God triumphs in the land of the pharaohs

There is an oasis of opportunity for Bible work in Egypt, especially in the digital realm, reports Bible Society of Egypt leader Ramez Attalah.

With churches closed due to the lockdown and large events prohibited, local funds for Bible work in Egypt dropped significantly in 2020. But although Covid shut down most of the country, God was still at work. He inspired us especially to embrace the digital world. And the results have been amazing.

In January 2020, before the pandemic struck, we made available a new app that guides people to read the whole Bible in a year. It was timely! By December, an incredible 5.7 million chapters had been requested by 121,392 different users.

One of the app’s users, Miriam, told us she was delighted at the impact it had on her and her friends. ‘God opened a door for me to spread his word. I send the daily readings to 100 people and they are all happy receiving it,’ Miriam said.

Thousands of young people and children have enjoyed taking part in Bible Society’s online Bible competitions, and Bible study WhatsApp groups have flourished.

The Story audiobook, a Bible that reads like a novel in a single grand narrative, is now being recorded to help people engage more fully with God’s word. We also hope to double our social media outreach in 2021. Last year, our Facebook reach was 4.4 times the number of the previous year, and our YouTube views in 2020 were 5.9 times more than in 2019.

All of these digital media projects are in line with the pursuit of our historic objective of achieving the widest possible distribution of Scriptures and helping people to interact with the word of God.

Digital Media Hub

That is just the start. As you read this, the kind giving of our brothers and sisters in England and Wales is helping us build a Digital Media Hub, which will accommodate a huge indexed online library. For example, a user will find not just the Bible text, but also an audio reading, dramatised children’s stories, colouring pages, quizzes, study notes, educational videos, maps and so on.

Ramez Attalaz, leader of Bible

Society in Egypt

The digital revolution is the second period of massive progress in modern times in Egypt in relation to how the Bible is presented and distributed.

When I first became leader of the Bible Society in Egypt in the 1990s, the country had been steered away from socialism to a free market economy. Brand new colourful ads appeared on billboards and the dusty old Bible shops didn’t look appealing alongside the gleaming shoe shops.

So we transformed the shops, allowing colours and light to shine. We thought that if the Bible was the most valuable book in the world, it should be produced and presented in the best possible way.

Thanks to the kind giving of people like yourself, we began producing colourful and beautiful Scriptures and resources for adults and children alike.

1.1 million children’s Scriptures

In 2019, more than 1.1 million children’s Scriptures were distributed in Egypt alone, out of 3.7 million distributed by Bible Societies worldwide!

Through the support of our Christian brothers and sisters, we are able to provide Bibles and scriptural resources at high discounts. This is crucial because 32.5 per cent of Egyptians live below the poverty line on just £1 per day.

Massive free distributions of Scriptures take place and Bibles are provided to students, orphans, prisoners and blind people. At Christmas, thousands of poor children are given free backpacks full of illustrated Scriptures. The generosity of people like you makes all of this possible.

A blessed minority

Here in Egypt, we see the glass as half full, not half empty. And the part that’s full contains opportunities stretching far into the future. We may not have the same legal system, human rights situation or freedom of speech you enjoy in the West. But here in Egypt we find almost limitless opportunities for Bible work. We are a blessed minority.

Doing so much work would not be possible without the amazing support of our brothers and sisters in England and Wales. Thank you so much and praise the Lord!

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Light shines in the darkness in Covid-stricken Egypt

Light shines in the darkness in Covid-stricken Egypt

As many Bible Societies struggle worldwide due to the pandemic, the Bible Society team in Egypt has made the most of a difficult situation, and been blessed greatly.

God’s word the biggest prize in Egypt

God’s word the biggest prize in Egypt

Children in Egypt find answers in the Bible during Covid.

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