The Bible and Mental Health: Mindfulness

The parable of the birds and the lilies in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount speaks of entrusting our daily needs to God.

The message and imagery are so compelling, it is easy to miss the fact that Jesus is encouraging his listeners to observe nature. 

Look how the wild flowers grow. 
Matthew 6.28 

With fewer cars and fewer people around, this is an ideal time to enjoy the outdoors – not just for physical and emotional recreation but for spiritual contemplation. It’s a chance to stop for the hum of a bumblebee, the scent of lilac from a front garden, the shadows of trees lining a meadow before sunset. ‘Look’, says Jesus, ‘and learn’. Nature speaks of God’s goodness and power to keep life going.    

Mindfulness is a popular psychological, stress- and anxiety-reducing, technique these days: hit the pause button, become aware of what is happening within and around you. What would Jesus add? Invite your heavenly father into your moments of mindfulness; remember he sustains, not just nature at large, but your life as well. Look at God’s creation and do not be afraid. 

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